Innovation in interventional cardiology

Meito Masamune sheathless guiding catheter

Dr. José R. Rumoroso


In radial-access interventions, innovation never stops. The latest development is a sheathless guide catheter from Medikit Co., Ltd (Japan). In minimally-invasive coronary intervention performed in patients with difficult vascular access, reliable devices are essential. Radial access is limited by the size and quality of the radial artery; at times it is impossible to pass a 6- or 7-French sheath. The Meito Masamune sheathless guiding catheter is available in two outer-diameter sizes: 5.3 French (1.79 mm) and 6.5 French (2.20 mm). By way of comparison, the 5.3-French system has an outer diameter close to that of a 3-French sheath (1.60 mm) and the 6.5-French system is smaller than a 5-French sheath (2.25 mm). There are several benefits to this device:

Los beneficios de este dispositivo son varios:

  • It minimizes vascular trauma, reducing complications and facilitating compression
  • It facilitates radial access is very small caliber arteries
  • There is a universal guide catheter curve called BLK, which can be used to dilate any of the coronary arteries.

The device kit includes an introducer needle, a 0.025’’-0.035’’ guidewire (according to the size of the sheath), a knife, a predilator, a dilator with a radio-opaque tip, and the guiding catheter. The guiding catheter has a hydrophilic coating, which ensures its passage through complex anatomies.

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