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Ablation vs lithotripsy in calcified coronary lesions

Asymptomatic severe aortic stenosis: when should we intervene?

Recic 23 082 F1

The clinician’s perspective

José L. Zamorano

REC Interv Cardiol. 2024;6:41-42

Recic 23 083 F1

The interventional cardiologist’s perspective

José Antonio Baz Alonso

REC Interv Cardiol. 2024;6:43-45

Recic 23 083 F1

Percutaneous revascularization in dilated cardiomyopathy

Recic 23 056 F1

Apropos of the REVIVED BCIS2 trial: the interventional cardiologist’s view

José F. Díaz Fernández

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:297-298

Recic 23 058 F1

Apropos of the REVIVED BCIS2 trial: the clinician’s view

Ángel Manuel Iniesta Manjavacas

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:299-301

Recic 23 058 F1

Cerebral embolic protection systems in TAVI

Recic 23 023 F1

There is some supportive evidence

Pilar Jiménez Quevedo

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:210-211

Recic 23 030 F1

There is not enough evidence available

Pedro Luis Martín Lorenzo

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:212-213

Recic 23 030 F1

Revascularization of nonculprit lesions in ACS: physiology or OCT-guided or both?

Recic 22 132 F1

Perspective from physiology

Mauro Echavarría-Pinto

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:136-138

Recic 23 003 F1

Perspective from imaging

Josep Gómez-Lara

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:139-141

Recic 23 003 F1

Drug-coated balloons for de novo coronary artery lesions

Recic 22 102 Author

Evidence available and potential superiority in some settings

Bernardo Cortese

REC Interv Cardiol. 2023;5:64-65

Recic 22 102 Author

Percutaneous revascularization strategies for distal left main coronary artery disease

Recic 22 062 F1

The EBC MAIN approach

Antonio E. Gómez Menchero

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:329-330

Recic 22 071 G001

Approach from the DKCRUSH-V trial

Manuel Pan

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:331-332

Recic 22 071 G001

Pharmacological or invasive therapy in acute pulmonary embolism

Recic 22 017 Fig1

The clinician perspective

David Jiménez

EC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:238-239

Recic 22 023 Fig1

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Pablo Salinas

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:240-242

Recic 22 023 Fig1

Severe bicuspid aortic valve stenosis in non-high-risk surgical patients

Recic Uk 21 089 F1

In favor of TAVI

Luis Nombela-Franco

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:137-139

Recic Uk 21 090 F1

In favor of surgery

Jacobo Silva Guisasola

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:140-141

Recic Uk 21 090 F1

Ischemia without obstructive coronary artery disease

Recic Uk 21 064 F1

An invasive coronary physiological macro- and microvascular assessment is necessary

Enrique Gutiérrez Ibañes

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:57-59

Recic Uk 21 065 F1

A non-invasive assessment may be sufficient in some cases

J. Alberto San Román

REC Interv Cardiol. 2022;4:60-62

Recic Uk 21 065 F1

Minimalist approach to TAVI

Recic 21 035 F1

As a default strategy

Eduardo Pinar Bermúdez

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:304-306

Recic 21 030 F1

As a selective strategy

Manuel Pan

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:307-308

Recic 21 030 F1

Intervention on the mitral and the tricuspid valves

Recic 21 013 F1

Perspective from interventional cardiology

Dabit Arzamendi

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:213-215

Recic 21 014 F1

Perspective from surgery

Daniel Pereda

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:216-218

Recic 21 014 F1

Percutaneous left atrial appendage closure

Recic 20 122 F1

The clinical cardiology perspective

Juan Cosín-Sales

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:129-130

Recic 20 131 F1

The interventional cardiology perspective

Tomás Benito-González

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:131-133

Recic 20 131 F1

Refractory angina. The Reducer device as a new therapeutic approach.

Recic 20 091 F1

View from the clinic

José R. González-Juanatey

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:59-61

Recic 20 106 F1

Perspective from interventional cardiology

Santiago Jiménez Valero

REC Interv Cardiol. 2021;3:62-64

Recic 20 106 F1

Intravascular ultrasound and optical coherence tomography in percutaneous revascularization

Recic 20 070 F1

The IVUS expert perspective

Íñigo Lozano

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:288-290

Recic 20 067 F1

The OCT expert perspective

Nieves Gonzalo

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:291-293

Recic 20 067 F1

Mechanical circulatory support in relation to coronary intervention.

Recic 20 018 F1

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Joan Antonio Gómez Hospital

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:215-216

Recic 20 023 F1

Cardiologist’s perspective from the cardiac intensive care unit

Virginia Burgos Palacios

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:217-218

Recic 20 023 F1

Angiography-derived FFR

Recic 19 103 F1

The pressure guidewire perspective

Ramón López Palop

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:140-142

Recic 19 104 F1

The angiographic perspective

Ignacio J. Amat Santos

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;2:143-144

Recic 19 104 F1

Closure of patent foramen ovale

Recic 19 4 075 F1

A neurologist’s perspective

Joaquín Serena Leal

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;1:44-46

Recic 19 81 F1

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Felipe Hernández Hernández

REC Interv Cardiol. 2020;1:47-48

Recic 19 81 F1

Chronic total coronary occlusions

Recic 19 063 F1

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Victoria Martin Yuste

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;3:193-195

Recic 19 058 F1

The clinician perspective

Alfredo Bardaj

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;3:196-197

Recic 19 058 F1

Renal denervation

Recic 19 2 047 F1

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Oriol Rodríguez-Leor

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;2:120-122

Recic 19 2 033 F1

The clinician perspective

Josep Redon

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;2:123-124

Recic 19 2 033 F1


Rec 18 018 G001

The interventional cardiologist perspective

Rodrigo Estévez-Loureiro

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;1:54-56

Rec 18 009 G001

The heart failure expert perspective

Julio Núñez

REC Interv Cardiol. 2019;1:51-53

Rec 18 009 G001